Vegetable leaf miner

Vegetable leaf miner (English)

Liriomyza sativae(Botanical)


Adult flies are principally yellow and black in color, range 1.25 -1.7 mm in length with black hind margin of the eyes. This is a legless maggot with no separate head capsule, transparent when newly hatched but colouring up to a yellow-orange in later instars, up to 3 mm long. Both larvae and puparia have a pair of posterior spiracles terminating in three cone-like appendages.


FossilAgro has a wide variety of chemicals that can be used to control the vegetable leaf miner including Force, Force-Plus

Control chemicals

Force (Acetamiprid 30 gr/lt + Lambda-Cyhalothrin 30 gr/lt) - Classified amber

Force Plus (Acetamiprid 100 gr/lt + Abamectin 20 gr/lt) - Classified green


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