Tomato red spider mite

Tomato red spider mite (English)

Tetranychus evansi(Botanical)


The tomato red spider mite is highly polyphagous, widely spread across the world. Under optimum conditions, it reaches a high population density, and its presence can cause a reduction in crop yield. The adult female red spider mite is very small about 0.6 mm long, greenish-yellow or pale green with two darker patches on its body, which is oval in shape and has quite long hairs on the dorsal side. Overwintering females are orange-red coloured and males have narrower, smaller and more pointed body than females. Red spider mite larva is pale and has six legs. Small red mites look like tiny moving dots to the naked eye.


Avoid water stress and continuous cropping of tomato and solanaceous plants. Good field sanitation such as removal of residues and alternative hosts. Chemical control; Nemesis, Force Plus.

Control chemicals

Force Plus (Acetamiprid 100 gr/lt + Abamectin 20 gr/lt) - Classified green

Nemesis (Acetamiprid 64 gr/lt + Emamectin benzoate 48 gr/lt) - Classified green


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