Thorny pigweed, Spiny amaranth

Thorny pigweed, Spiny amaranth (English)

Amaranthus spinosus(Botanical) , Mowa(Shona) , Imbuya(Ndebele)


Thorny pigweed or Spiny amaranth is an annual, herbaceous erect plant, which can grow up to 3 m tall. It has divergent spines on stems and branches. The striated, often reddish, stem with two sharp, long spines at the base of the petioles, and the fruit which opens by a line around the center are distinguishing characteristics of this species. Usually it has green to silvery green inflorescence which produces black smooth and shiny seeds. The weed is found in arable lands, but it also found both in wet or dry sites, but grows best when soil moisture levels are below field capacity. It tolerates a range of soil pH as well as light and medium soils. This weed is common in maize, cotton, soybean and groundnuts among other crops. The leaves can be cooked as relish and it is also believed to possess pharmaceutical properties.



Control chemicals

0 Atrazine 50 SC (Atrazine 50%) - Classified green

0 Chlorimuron-ethyl WG (Chlorimuron Ethyl 25%) - Classified green

0 Dicamba 48 SL (Dicamba 480%) - Classified red

0 Glyphosate 41 SL (Glyphosate 41%) - Classified green

0 MCPA 40 SL (MCPA 40%) - Classified amber

0 Bentazone 48 SL (Bentazone 48%) - Classified green


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