Stock rose

Stock rose (English)

Hibiscus meeusei(Botanical) , Sosoori(Shona) , uGangampunza(Ndebele)


Stock rose is an annual or biennial herbaceous erect weed, which can grow up to 1.5 m high and habitually, branched from the base. The weed has sharp and shortly tomentose stems. Occur mostly in disturbed lands. It aggressively competes for nutrients, sunlight, and water.



Control chemicals

Atrazine 50 SC (Atrazine 50%) - Classified green

Chlorimuron-ethyl WG (Chlorimuron Ethyl 25%) - Classified green

Dicamba 48 SL (Dicamba 480%) - Classified red

Glyphosate 41 SL (Glyphosate 41%) - Classified green

MCPA 40 SL (MCPA 40%) - Classified amber

Bentazone 48 SL (Bentazone 48%) - Classified green


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