Spiny sida

Spiny sida (English)

Sida alba(Botanical) , Chimutsvairo(Shona) , Umthannyelo(Ndebele)


Spiny sida is a small erect perennial shrub with copious branching from the base and can grow up to 1.5 m tall. When young, it is similar to stock rose but the leaves are more pointed and later on serrated. Its stems are more or less densely covered in short stellate hairs and often purple-brown when older being fibrous to almost woody. It produces axillary white to pale yellow flowers. Mostly found in woodlands and grasslands.



Control chemicals

Atrazine 50 SC (Atrazine 50%) - Classified green

Chlorimuron-ethyl WG (Chlorimuron Ethyl 25%) - Classified green

Dicamba 48 SL (Dicamba 480%) - Classified red

Glyphosate 41 SL (Glyphosate 41%) - Classified green

MCPA 40 SL (MCPA 40%) - Classified amber

Bentazone 48 SL (Bentazone 48%) - Classified green


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