Maize Stalk borer

Maize Stalk borer (English)

Busseola fusca(Botanical)


Maize stalk borer larvae is cream to light brown in colour with a dark purple saddle on the front half of the body. Both sides of the larvae head have dark streaks. Head is dark brown and the prothorax is yellowish-brown. Its spiracles (breathing holes found along the side of the body) are elongate-oval with black edges. The caterpillars have prolegs along the abdomen. The adult wing-span is 25-35 mm. Its forewings are light to dark brown with darker markings. The hind wings are white to grey-brown. It is frequently mistaken for fall armyworm.


Disposal of crop residues after harvest can reduce carry-over populations. Chemical control; Fenvalerate 20 EC, Fipronil 20 SC. Indoxacarb 15 SC, Mac-Ten, Nemesis.

Control chemicals

Fenvalerate 20 EC (Fenvalerate 20%) - Classified green

Fipronil 20 SC (Fipronil 20) - Classified amber

Indoxacarb 15 SC (Indoxacarb 15%) - Classified green

Mac-Ten (Emmamectin Benzoate 50g/kg) - Classified green

Nemesis (Acetamiprid 64 gr/lt + Emamectin benzoate 48 gr/lt) - Classified green


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