Halo blight of bean

Halo blight of bean (English)

Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola(Botanical)


Severe infection with halo blight can result in total crop loss. Halo blight usually affects the foliage and pods of beans. Leaf symptoms first appear as small, water-soaked spots on the lower leaf surface. These lesions rapidly become necrotic and are visible on both upper and lower leaf surfaces. A chlorotic zone of yellow tissue (halo) develops around necrotic spots. In severe cases, a generalized systemic chlorosis can occur. Leaves are usually distorted and symptoms are observed on pods and stems as water-soaked, red or brown lesions which may exhibit crusty bacterial ooze


Crop rotation, use disease free seed. Copper Oxychloride 85WP, Zabalaxyl

Control chemicals

Copper Oxychloride 85% WP (Copper oxychloride 85%) - Classified green

Zabalaxyl 72 WP (Metalaxyl 80 gr/kg + Mancozeb 640 gr/kg) - Classified green


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