Groundnut leaf spot

Groundnut leaf spot (English)

Cercospora aradicola and Cercosporidium personatum(Botanical)


Leaf spot can cause yield losses that range from 40-60%. Early leaf spot is seen as reddish-brown spots on the upper surface of leaves surrounded by a yellow halo and brown on the lower leaf surface. Symptoms are first observed on the older leaves. Leaves may drop as a result of this. Early leaf spot is gradually overtaken by late leaf spot, which causes loss of leaves as the crop matures. Spots of the late leaf spot are dark brown to black and they are not usually surrounded by a yellow halo; if a halo is present it is smaller (usually on the underside of the leaf). Complete loss of plants can be expected. Start chemical control as soon the spots are seen. Increase frequency o fungicide application if there are many plants showing symptoms.


crop rotation. Tebuconazole 25 EW, Azod

Control chemicals

0 Azod 25 SC (Azoxystrobin 20 % + Difeconazole 12.5%) - Classified green

0 Tebuconazole 25% EW (Tebuconazole 25EC) - Classified green


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