Grey leaf spot

Grey leaf spot (English)

Cercospora zeae-maydis and Cercospora zeina(Botanical)


Severe yield losses of more than 50% are observed with grey leaf spot. Symptoms of grey leaf spot are usually observed on the lower leaves of the maize plant. Grey leaf spot first appears as small, necrotic spots with chlorotic halos (more visible when leaf is backlit) which expand to form rectangular lesions. These are usually grey to brown in color. Grey leaf spot lesions are usually limited on the side by veins. Lesions usually appear first on lower leaves before silking. Typical lesions of grey leaf spot are rectangular with straight edges. Entire blades or shoots may turn brown. The disease generally reduces plant vigor and there might be complete loss of whole leaves. Thresholds: lesions on the third leaf below the ear leaf or higher on 50 percent of the plants at tasseling


use of resistant cultivars, crop rotation, burying crop residues Tebuconazole 25 EW

Control chemicals

Tebuconazole 25% EW (Tebuconazole 25EC) - Classified green


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