Cucumber beetle

Cucumber beetle (English)

Acalymma vittatum (Striped), Diabrotica undecimpunctata (spotted)(Botanical)


Adult striped cucumber beetles are about 6 mm long and have a greenish- yellow abdomen and black-striped abdomen and a dark-colored head and antennae. Spotted cucumber beetles are the same length but have 12 black spots on a yellow abdomen. The head, antennae and legs are entirely black. Larvae are worm-like, white, dark-headed, and have three pairs of legs on the thorax. Larvae have a yellowish white, wrinkled body, 12-19 mm long, with six very small legs, and a greyish-brown head.


Cultural control include early ploughing which removes vegetation and discourages egg laying. Chemical control; Malathion, Carbaryl.

Control chemicals

Carbaryl 85 WP (Carbaryl 85) - Classified amber


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