Couch grass, Bahama grass

Couch grass, Bahama grass (English)

Cynodon dactylon(Botanical) , Tsangadzi(Shona) , Uqethu(Ndebele)


Couch grass is a perennial runner grass, which forms stolons and rhizomes underground. The runners spread horizontally and bear nodes with internodes of about 10 cm length. They may be flattened or cylindrical, mostly un-haired. Each node roots in the soil and produces short culms (tillers), up to 25 cm high, but develop into prostrate runners under less dense conditions. Its upright shoots can grow up to 15- 25 cm tall. Couch grass is a serious weed around the world. Under severe infestation, the weed can reduce crop yield (cotton) by 25 to 80% as it classified as one of the heavy feeder weeds. The grass tolerates acidic, alkaline, and neutral soils.


Smothering legumes, vigorous crops reduce competition

Control chemicals

Propaquizafop 10 EC (Propaquizafop 10%) - Classified green

Glyphosate 41 SL (Glyphosate 41%) - Classified green


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