Bean rust

Bean rust (English)

Uromyces appendiculatus(Botanical)


Rust can cause yield losses that can go up to 25%. Rusts develop on all parts of the plant but are more numerous on the underside of leaves, stems and pods. Initially, tiny, white, slightly raised spots which will become distinct round reddish-brown spots with yellow halos. These spot may darken with time. When touched, reddish brown dust-like spores brush off. If the leaves are severely covered, they turn brown, dry and fall off prematurely. Early significant damage to upper leaves results in higher yield losses and lower yield losses if confined to lower leaves. Rust may result in weak stalks, increased risk to stalk rot, yield losses may result from poorly filled kernels and lodging-induced harvest losses. The threshold for fungicide applications a total score of 10


Burn infected plants, use disease resistant cultivars. Tebuconazole 25 EW, Zabalaxyl, Copper oxychloride 85 % WP

Control chemicals

Copper Oxychloride 85% WP (Copper oxychloride 85%) - Classified green

Tebuconazole 25% EW (Tebuconazole 25EC) - Classified green

Zabalaxyl 72 WP (Metalaxyl 80 gr/kg + Mancozeb 640 gr/kg) - Classified green


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