African bollworm

African bollworm (English)

Helicoverpa armigera(Botanical)


African bollworm moths have a 40 mm wingspan making them strong fliers. Forewings are reddish-brown and have irregular green lines. Caterpillars/larvae have an elongated creamy-white to reddish-brown body, with a brown head. The back has short fine hairs, rows of black spots and a grey-yellow longitudinal stripe. Colour of the larvae varies from shades of green, yellow, and pinkish- to reddish-brown or even black.


Cultural and sanitation method of control in cotton are ploughing down of residues after harvest to reduce overwintering populations of the African bollworm. Chemical control; Lambda-cyhalothrin 5 EC, Fenvalerate 20 EC, Indoxacarb 15 SC, Mac-Ten, Nemesis.

Control chemicals

Mac-Ten (Emmamectin Benzoate 50g/kg) - Classified green

Nemesis (Acetamiprid 64 gr/lt + Emamectin benzoate 48 gr/lt) - Classified green

Lambda-Cyhalothrin 5 EC (Lambda-cyhalothrin) - Classified green

Fenvalerate 20 EC (Fenvalerate 20%) - Classified green

Indoxacarb 15 SC (Indoxacarb 15%) - Classified green


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